Tripp’s Tip: Lemon Squeezing 101

04 May 2011 / By trippr27

How do I get the maximum amount of juice from a lemon? Hey those yellow little suckers ain’t cheap! So what I found out is to get the most bam for your buck you really need to only know these little tricks. Before slicing into the lemon roll it across the cutting board pressing firmly with the heal of your hand. This will help break up those little juice pods in a lemon whatever they are called. It helps also if you have your lemon at room temperature. Another trick for getting more juice is to microwave the lemon briefly. Lemons left out are susceptible to molding. An average lemons gets you about three ounces of juice so keep that in mind when following a recipe before cutting up lemons.

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I never thought that how to get more juice from lemon. Great to share such a nice thought. I will try out.

Thank you for the nice words! Keep your comments, tips and recipes coming! Tripp

No this is the same site, the origanal just crashed with Network Solutions server, starting over rebuilding from scratch and re-entering previous post.

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