Toasted Pecan Butter is My Co-Pilot!

02 May 2011 / By trippr27

Ok, I admit it, I like networking. Under the guise of a caterer I get invited to “network” all the time. When I first started catering these network events I thought “this is cool!”  I get to go to a business party and show off my food to my piers, “FOR FREE”! Flash forward six years and this “free” thing may have worn out its welcome.  That is until I was the one getting something for FREE!

So here I am with a jar of this toasted pecan butter in my hand. I got it and another jar that I threw away (story to come) free from a dude named John Brandenburg.  I met him at one of these business networking events. You know the events (lame), where there is no traffic with any folks who would ever use your business. Once in a while you do meet someone cool and this time it is John.  His business is selling and hyping this holy concoction, Ziegelmeier’s Toasted Pecan Butter.  So he “throws me” a couple of jars both Creamy and Crunchy styles. I take them home, send John an Email thanking him for the “loot” and then shelf the jars for three months.

Well this morning I wake to a shit storm, literally! It is 4 a.m. and my wife’s dog has delivered Armageddon to the living room carpet. I clean it up then go walk the fuzzy jerk, then make some coffee and finally start stress eating.  So I remember this Pecan Butter stuff. I pull it out of the pantry. There is now only one jar. I tossed out the crunchy version about two weeks prior because when I went to open the jar it didn’t make that “pop” noise I like to hear before I put something in my mouth. The jar was also oily so I freaked out and tossed it. The creamy is what I got left now. I open it, still no “pop!” so I take a calculated risk. I start by smelling, then by stirring the oil and solids back together. I am cool with this because when you buy real peanut butter you have to mix the oil back in when it separates so no biggie. I start stirring the jar. I notice how the different flavors and colors start to come together like that of a rich caramel sauce.  I took a small spoonful and the first taste prompted me to start eating right out of the jar.  Hey, I was stressed!

The flavor is well balanced between an earthy nutty sweet and a light, almost lifting salty creaminess. This stuff is essentially pecan crack. I am from South Carolina and got paid 5 cents to fill an old coffee can full of pecans for money.  I know pecan crack. My personal love for Pee-Cans comes from growing up eating southern favorites like pecan pie, cheese biscuits with a pecan top, cinnamon pecan honey buns and don’t forget the pecan toppings for the sweet potato casserole.  Now I am holding in my hand a product that will surely take any of these previous items to a new found level.

My head is spinning with all the menu ideas that will star Ziegelmeier’s Toasted Pecan Butter! Tonight it is roasted salmon with a Pecan Butter pesto!  I wanted more information on this stuff so I began reading the handout that John gave me with the two jars.  I know immediately not only is this product loved by the Ziegelmeier clan but also the Almighty Lord himself. Right there on the cover of the pamphlet is a quote from the Bible. The About Us section begins with a thank you to God, right away I know I am dealing with some powerful forces. So I guess if you don’t have God in your life now to personally deliver love and goodness you can be certain of one thing, Ziegelmeier’s Toasted Pecan Butter does this for him, one jar at a time.

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Thank you so much for the incredible review!! It is such an honor to share our pecan butter with you. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your input, review, recipe ideas, and faith in trying a product in the midst of a poopy situation! LOL

P.S. After speaking with the Food & Ag Research Product Center at Oklahoma State University about the lack of “popping” with regards to opening the jar: “since you don’t add a preservative (i.e. nitrogen=absorbs the air stored inside of the jar) and don’t “can” the product under extreme heat then there would be no popping/pressure release. It is still very safe and healthy because of the all-natural aspect of the nut.” I’m SO glad you brought up that question, it makes me do the research and learn more about our product each time!! LOVE to learn……gaytha

Thank you for making such a creative product! Honestly if I opened it up and it said “die, die, die!” I would still chow down!

Awesome Review! I use the creamy to make cake/cookie icing with cream cheese. It’s awesome. But I’m a little biased. I’m Gaytha and John’s old Auntie in Kansas. Thank you Tripp!

That sounds fantastic Sandy! I would like one dozen cookies and a glass a milk, now!! 🙂

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